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many good things: Writers with Drinks, and Fred Meyer!

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Hey everyone!

So this past weekend was awesome. My husband and I drove up to San Francisco to do Writers with Drinks, which is an eclectic spoken word variety show run by Charlie Jane of io9.

I’ve been going to these on and off for years. So long that it kind of feels like it’s been a lifelong dream to finally get to be on the stage and, more importantly — to have Charlie Jane do one of her epic introductions. It’s performance art. I was trying to explain it to my husband, who’s never been, and he didn’t get it until we were there. It’s so, so epic.

I’ll have youtube clips up shortly of Charlie Jane’s act after the intermission, and its segue into my introduction, and then me reading the part with the dragon from Nightshifted :D. I’m still grinning ear to ear.


And also this happened!


Tina Connolly took this picture of Nightshifted out for sale at a Fred Meyer grocery store in Portland! Look at Nightshifted, being all popular and hanging out with Star Wars novels and shit. Ha!

(I should note that Tina’s novel Ironskin is coming out in Oct, and getting amazing reviews — I can’t wait to see my copy :D)

Last but not least, I met Seanan McGuire in person, at Borderlands Bookstore before Writers with Drinks, and she is as cool as her books are!!!!

So really, all in all, a great weekend, and Saturday was a perfect night :D.

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