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Up to 10k in Moonshifted's 2nd draft :D. It took me a day to triage a scene (it had a lot of ripples down the road) but I think I made the right choice in the end. I have a writing date tomorrow afternoon with a girlfriend which I'm looking forward to :D. And went to yoga tonight. Someday i will have arm strength, i just know it.

Tonight we watched the 2nd Resident Evil film with my housemates -- I wondered outloud what'd happened to the supporting cast after that film. Hubby said that he bet the lady'd been in CSI, seeing as CSI has everyone in it eventually. I said, Oh yeah? I bet she's been in Law and Order, it being the other casting conglomerate....turns out via imdb we we both right ;). Me of the male lead, and he of the female lead.

2011 is shaping up well already :D.

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