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a really good day –

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Today might have even crested into my top ten days of all time!

I got a review on Nightshifted on Amazon, in Germany -- five stars! They read it! They liked it!

And, amazingly!, Nightshifted got down into the 2200's on the sales rankings. I, of course, thought everyone knew what the hell those numbers on the amazon pages were for, but I had to explain them to my girlfriend at lunch, ha ;). I know Germany's a smaller pond than over here -- but it's just mostly the fact that people are buying it. Like, whoa. And that one person liked it enough to tell other people they liked it! WHOA!

Ha :D.

I had a business call this afternoon, and lunch this morning, and I got up god-awful-o-clock to register for RWA nationals this AM. I wanted to make sure I was in the main hotel, which meant waking up enough to use paypal to get a membership to get the hotel passkey. It's in Anaheim...and we all know what Ahaheim means...DISNEYLAND!


Anyhow, today was rad. Oh oh oh, i wrote another 2300 words, and got up to 76k in Shapeshifted. I've got another 2-3 k tomorrow and then this draft is *done*. That too! Wooo! :D :D :D


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