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Toasted Cake is good!

Toasted Cake is a podcast run by Tina Connolly, who is awesome. It'll feature a flash a week, every Monday, and if you recognize her name it could be because she narrated a bunch of Escape Pod and Podcastle stories -- and because her own amazing novel, Ironskin, is coming out this fall! Tina's rad, and she's got a great voice -- I'm sure Toasted Cake will rock all year long :D.

Other things that are good -- not as good, but almost! ;) --

I never make New Years resolutions anymore, but I do occasionally put together some vague, "Hey, maybe we should look nicer this year. Like, you know, try," promises to myself, that usually fade out by my birthday. (In Feb. So you know they don't last so long.) (If you've seen me at cons, I step it up. But at home, mostly no :P.) I've spent a lot of my downtime while laid up watching make-up tutorials, because magical transformations amaze me.

Here is the shortest, best one I found -- it's a cat-eye template. Involving scotch tape.

I tried it. It worked!

(Keep in mind that everything else in that picture is rolled out of bed, pony-tail wearing me.) I did it with black powder shadow, but it might be worth getting the liquid eyeliner that I've denied myself my entire adult life because I never thought I could use it properly. It'll take practice, but hey, with my back right now I have time, as long as it's not on the low shelf at the CVS ;P ;).

I got alllllmost up to 60k in Shapeshifted today. (Another good reason for a silly makeup break!) I've got about 10k of 1st draft material left to assimilate properly, and then I'm on my own out to the end. I wrote with Maggie this afternoon (hooray!) and got to send it off to Daniel tonight, who almost immediately got back to me. It needs polishing up, as a ton of this last ten k was first draft, but the plot is on track. (Double super hooray!)

Anyhow. Things are good. If i had better lighting in my bathroom, I would show you all my "Yay, I can use bronzer appropriately!" photo -- from this tutorial here, same lady, amazing sunglasses trick! -- ha ;). You'll just have to trust me that it worked.

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