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Sorry so quiet, been very busy! I've been working really hard on the book and on healing these past few days.

Shapeshifted is going really well. I'm up to 54k in my edits. There's still a few good-sized chunks from last draft to cut and paste in, and then I get to write the exciting conclusion :D. I'm very happy with it -- there's good stuff going in.

I had my MRI for my thyroid stuff yesterday. It's a good thing that I was drugged for the other MRI. MRIs are no fun. Because this one was centered around my head, it felt like i was experiencing TRON -- from the original, the one where he's all digitized, starting from his head, repeatedly -- and from the new one with Daft Punk because it was so effing loud in there, even with earplugs in. But my doctor called me back today to tell me that the MRI was all clear, there's nothing scary in there causing my hypothyroidism. I wasn't super worried (i figured if there was, i would be worse) but it was sweet of him. My hypothyroid symptoms have been a lot better these past few weeks (back injury not-withstanding), probably, unfortunately to admit, because I'm on day shift hours. Which is a bummer in its own way, seeing as I'm going back to a night shift job.

My back is very much better now than it was. This past week has been amazing. I've gotten the all clear on driving and while I still get tired easily, and I get in trouble if I stand or sit too long, I finally have some ease of pain-free mobility, like say when I get into or out of the car, or up and down off of the bed. I'm still seeing my PT and still doing my exercises, and now we'll just see what there is to see. I still get tired after only a little activity and start to ache and I'm not up to where I'd want to be if I went back to work yet, muchless able to lift heavy things. But getting back to 100% feels possible now which in and of itself is a great weight off of me.

More soon! :D



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