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Halfway in Shapeshifted, and an evening off.

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Had a great writing time with Maggie this morning :D. Got up to 49 k in Shapeshifted, and that's where I'm going to leave it for a bit. That's a respectable enough # that I won't cry when I return. I've still got three months to finish it, yay ;).

Then off to the shrink where we had a long talk about anxiety and being a control freak when it does me no good. I've just about got my real life sorted, and started to feel like I won't kill anyone at work...and then here's my writing career being in large part now out of my control -- see also: trusting other people -- and sometimes it makes my head spin. Then I came back home in time to see The Help with a girlfriend :D.

Once home, I played L.A. Noire until my heart's content -- sort of sad I can't be a girl in the game, but since it's set in the sexist 50's, I suppose that's why (and since The Help was set in the racist 60's, there's a theme to tonight?) and watched you tubes of Ryan Gosling talking about Drive. (Which I still need to talk someone into re-seeing with me. I am listening to the soundtrack right now, though.)

The Help was good -- I think it felt a bit rushed and the ending a little too pat/trite, the scene with the maids getting applauded in the church in particular. I'm glad Emma Stone didn't get the guy, otherwise it would have gotten too sweet. I liked what it was trying to do, and I bet the book succeeded where the movie failed. (It was good, but not as good as Drive. Though maybe that says more about me, and my love of temperamental violence.)

Anyhow, that's what a night off looks like at Casa de Cassie. Tomorrow I'll be back to work, and working on Project M, and subconsciously plotting about how I can someday write the best book of all time that needs to be made into a Ryan Gosling/Nicolas Winding Refn movie. (Alternatively, hoping that RG & NWR make The Last Werewolf into a film. Like, whoa.)

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