December 18th, 2014

crossed heart

a quick update…

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…which ought to be a long one, but hey, it is what it is.

So, shortly after my last cryptic blog post (the reasons for which I still have to be oblique) I found out that my grandmother had died. She was an excellent grandma — I only wish I’d been a better granddaughter for her.

One of our longest conversations at the end was about Nightshifted — she was a nurse back in the time before antibiotics, so we had a conversation about pre-penicillin treatments for syphilis, since I’ve got a syphilitic were-dragon in that book.

My husband and I flew out to Kansas for the funeral, and it was a surprisingly good time — I got to see all of my relatives on that side of the family, and really spend some quality time. I also got one of her nursing hats :D — and a small sewing box I’d made her when I was in elementary school.

Since then, this week’s been short-long, heh. I’ve gone to a lot of meetings and classes at work — I’m on my hospital’s ebola team, and so I went to three out of five donning and doffing classes, to get used to properly putting on gear and taking it back off again. The whole experience feels super Andromeda Strain every time — and walking around with the air-flow hoses hooked up makes you feel a little bit like you’re on Mars. While I doubt ebola will be a concern at my hospital in the future, I feel very confident in our ability to deal with whatever the next disease de jour is, and am proud that if needbe, I’m ready to go.

Last, but not least — I finished The Hated today. The Hated is the third book in my Sleeping with Monsters series, all of which I’ve written this year, since March. Even though these books are all in the 50-60k range, that’s still quite an accomplishment — if you add in my first draft material that didn’t make it into the final cut, I’ve averaged 800 words a day for the past nine months, easily. It’s a huge proof of concept for me going to dayshift and becoming way more productive.

The Hated is also my 19th lifetime book. Which means in two more years, my writing career can drink legally ;).

I still have a lot of projects on deck to look forward to — a quick one-off short story, mega-rewrite of my old book, and the next book in the Sleeping with Monsters series which I actually might want to be a legit trad pub book, we’ll see :D. Onwards for now — this draft ain’t gonna decomma itself! ;).