November 6th, 2014

crossed heart

Ebola & Erasure & Erotica (what are things that begin with the letter E)

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So I volunteered to be on my hospital’s ebola team. I’m pretty excited about it, it’s cool to learn new things and see what we’d do in a crisis. I had my first training this past Thurs — we practiced donning and doffing all of the gear and talking about what our plans would be.

My boss rolled by my room last week to tell me she was pleased I’d volunteered and said that it was noble of me. I didn’t know a good way to tell her that I wasn’t noble, so much as overly interested in weird things. (And a good friend pointed out that those things were not mutually exclusive, heh ;))

My hospital had a  [interesting thing redacted for HIPPA/personal privacy here] case, and I’ve had patients with H1N1, suspected TB, and HIV. What’s funny is that every time I’ve gotten one of those assignments, they’ve been dumped on me — I’ve floated to another floor, and the charge nurse has been all, “Yes, give the very contaminated patient to the stranger!” Little did they know I (childless, perpetually interested in research material, and intelligently reckless) would have volunteered.

I’d feel strange if my hospital did get an ebola case and I couldn’t help out is what I’m saying. I’d feel like I was missing out. Which may not be the right moral reason to want to know what to do in case it needs doing, but hey, at least I’m willing to do it ;).

Friday we went back home to Santa Cruz to party it up on Halloween, and then on Saturday I went to Erasure with friends!

Erasure was playing at the Fox Theater in Oakland, which I’d never been to before. It looks like an art-deco/Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom combo, very very cool inside, with statues up front near the stage with lit up eyes — we wiggled our general admission way up super close over to one side and still had room to dance. I swear they just ran through the Pop! album, it was so crazy to hear all these songs I’ve been listening to for twenty years now live. The whole show was like a massive sing-a-long, it was awesome :D

This week’s been worky, but I’m settling in for a big writing stretch. I have next week off and I’m going to try to do 25-30k in The Hated so that I can finish its rough draft and get back to my book for the end of the year. I feel good about things — I don’t want to jinx myself, but people’ve been buying/reviewing enough of my erotica that I feel good about that use of my time now.

Oh — one last E! – I had my echocardiogram. My heart is normal. Well, I haven’t had my Dr visit yet, but I used my nurse powers to look at my own report (which is legal :P) and the preliminary says I’m fine. So hopefully my heart stays chill for the rest of my life ;).

So that’s where I’m at! If I’m super feeling it, I’ll post word-counts here next week. :D