July 27th, 2014

crossed heart

The Hunted done!

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The Hunted - High ResolutionFinished my draft of The Hunted tonight! Now to reread it all from the beginning on Tues/Thurs and make sure that it makes sense, and then send it out to some people before it goes off to the formatting mines!

I’m feeling pretty good about it. I think I accomplished a lot of plot in a little amount of time, and I’m hoping that future readers agree :D.

This is my second book in my Sleeping with Monsters series (which is only a series by the loosest definition of the term) and it’s about werewolves and gangsters and revenge :D.

In other news, since it’s been awhile, life is good! I’ve been working a lot and writing a ton (obviously!) and I got notes back on my YA that I’m taking two weeks off later in the month to try and knock out of the park. I’m also trying to see more friends while the weather’s gorgeous and I’m finally living the dayshift life ;).

I got into Japantown in SF on Friday and finally got to see the Aqua Forest Aquarium store. I was walking back from a coffeeshop writing date with a friend, and THERE IT WAS. Angels started singing, y’all. Anyone who has planted tanks knows that Amano is the mothership of all tanks planted, and Aqua Forest is their only local store.

I had a planted aquarium tank that I loved for years, but then when I left my ex I had to leave it behind. That, plus never having anywhere permanent to live for a long time, meant it’s been awhile since I had fish — until now. I’ve got a betta living the high-life in a 6 gallon Fluval Edge, all to himself, with a smattering of live plants and wood. This is my clever way of introducing my husband to the idea with a tank set up that’s pretty indestructible — so that eventually I can be all, “You know…I’ve always wanted a 120 gallon pond in my living room.” Muahaha!

Anyhow, just walking past the store and getting sucked in — I dunno, it felt charmed somehow. Here was this thing that I thought I could never get/do again for so long, only I’m doing it (albeit on a very small scale!) and soon I can do it again in a big way — and I can even go there to buy the real stuff! (Once I can afford all the set-up guiltfree, which’ll be a bit, since the tank I want is pretty $$$.) It was just so nice. I’m slowly realizing that I’m kind of living the life I always dreamed. Working part-time, writing whatever I feel like, finally living in a real house — life isn’t perfect, and I wish friends/relatives were closer, but it’s damned near close.

Anyhow! Probably more radio silence over here while I start working away on the next thing. I have a short story due to a friend, and then I’m going to work on a novella for my Tales from the House series, so that I can still have a new release out while I’m doing my YA-age. We’ll see how that goes, it’s OK if it slips off the plate ;).