June 1st, 2014

crossed heart

Good-bye, Jay

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So I wrote up a Maleficent review to post today with pix, but since I found out Jay Lake passed last night, I don’t feel like sharing it today.

Jay was one of those people that you felt you’d known your whole life, even when you barely knew him. He was charismatic, magnetic, smart as hell, and honorable as fuck. We broke a bed once together (there were other people involved!) and he went swimming with us at Clarion West. He was going to be gone when I was driving home from CW, but he gave me a house key so that I could crash for a night in Portland instead of drive straight for 14 hours home — that was the kind of guy he was.

I was really lucky to get to know him over the past ten years, on and off at conventions, when he visited SF, and at writing retreats. He was always kind and wise, and had the best writing advice of anyone on the planet.

Y’all might remember my Jay Lake tub post from awhile back — I still have that napkin.

Would that I could reach the end of my own life as gracious and well loved as him, after having made a difference in so many people’s lives.

Love you Jay, and good-night.