May 28th, 2014

crossed heart

Started The Hunted & Today’s Maleficent!

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So today I started working on my 18th book in earnest. (Yesterday, I just transcribed recorded notes for it off of my phone ;)). I’m up to 5k today. I’m just doing sketchy outlines of where I want the book to go, snippets of scenes I want to get to, but it feels good.

I can’t believe I’ve done this 18 times. I suddenly feel very old, heh.

The Hunted’s going to be the 2nd book in my Sleeping with Monsters series, and it’ll be coming out in August.

Now, onto today’s Maleficent! We’re an exciting two days away from the movie!!!

group villains

It’s another group snowglobe, but since two of them are Maleficent it’s OK ;)