May 27th, 2014

crossed heart

Today’s Maleficents!

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Sorry, skipped a day, had a weird health thing (see yesterday’s facebook and/or twitter griping ;)) — and now I need to triple up because Maleficent’s only 3 days away!

maleficient 2

This is also one of my favorite Maleficents ;) — I have a lot of favorites, what can I say! ;) — and it has a rotating top so you can put treasures inside the chamber underneath. (I think it’s full of Maleficent pins at the moment.)

And here’s another Maleficent for you — a close up –

maleficient 3

This is the top of a combo snowglobe, which I’m of two minds on. I love stuff that’s just Maleficent so much more than combo villain items, and it really irritates me when they just put all the villains in a group together, to cast such a wide net, when I really just want stuff with her. But I understand that if they don’t do that….

maleficient 4

Then Chernabog never gets to come out to play. And he deserves some time in the spot light too!

I just wish there were enough of a market for all the individual villains that they could have separate ones all the time. I’ve never seen a good Ursula snowglobe ever, for instance, and I would buy that sucker in a heartbeat if there was one. Same for Jafar. Anyhow, though ;) –

I’m facing a blank page today. It’s been awhile. I feel really rusty at this. Which is ridiculous, because it’s only like my 18th book ever written. (I know. I KNOW. I feel old.) I could take a day off — and, after my health scare yesterday, some would say should :P — but that’s only because those people don’t know how hard it is to get back on the horse, each day longer that you’re out of the saddle. Starting up again tomorrow would only be more stressful for me than just getting work done now, honestly.

Plus, I already bought a cover for my next erotica, which is gonna be The Hunted. So I should play with that some, and then maybe also work on the Dark Man’s Concerto (the next in my Tales from The House series ;)).

The upshot of staying busy will be not biting all my nails off while I wait for my agent to read my YA ;)