May 20th, 2014

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Nebulas, Maker Faire, and Maleficent!

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This past weekend was a blast! My husband and I celebrated our 4th anniversary by going to the Nebula awards, which is the sort of thing only fellow nerds would enjoy. We hung out a ton with friends and had a really nice dinner out and then on our way home, we went to the Maker Faire with friends, which I was not entirely sold on until this:

fire octopus

That’s right — it was a dancing fire octopus.

Last week, I turned in The Haunted, which is the second erotica book I’m releasing, in July — it’ll be from another series I want to write called Sleeping with Monsters, and is about a woman and a ghost, naturally — and then I went back to being hard at work on my YA project, which I should be able to turn into my agent at the end of the holiday weekend here :D.

Work’s been hella worky, and I’ve been slammed with deadlines — I feel bad for not chatting more on here, but all I can do right now is keep paddling. This weekend I’ll get to chirp more though —  but while I have you here, let me warn you that I’m about to post a photo of a Maleficent snowglobe I have every day until the movie comes out. Seriously. I’m setting them up RIGHT NOW.

People are all, “Cassie, why do you like Maleficent?” and I’m all, “Because she apologizes to no one and turns into a motherfucking dragon.” I have seriously high hopes about the upcoming film — at the least it will be pretty, I’m sure! and I love wings! — but I do hope they don’t ruin her and give her too much of a conscience or an explanation. Part of her allure in Sleeping Beauty and as a child (and as an adult who can apparently afford a lot of Disneyana) is that she’s full of will and just does what she does. As a kid, man…she was so much more interesting than Sleeping Beauty. She didn’t need a prince — she didn’t want a prince — she had her own power and did her own things, her way. What’s not to love?

cookie jar Maleficent

This is from the fairly rare Disney Villains cookie jar series. Here’s the full set because I am a NERD.

disney cookie jar set

What’s that beside the display case? DIABLO on a staff. (Because who has cosplayed as Maleficent before? ;)). And there’s an Evil Queen at the top of that, because I like her too ;).