April 22nd, 2014

crossed heart

Covers options for The House & Charlaine Harris!

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Two big things! My awesome friend Barry Deutsch did mock-up covers for The House, my Erotic Choose Your Own Adventure Novel — and they’re all too gorgeous! Help me choose which one to use!!! :D

cassie-cover-optionsAnd secondly…Charlaine Harris liked Nightshifted! She said it was “was an unexpectedly appealing book. It sounded interesting, and I bought it on a whim. Paid off in spades!”

I’m swooning over here. Because stuff like that DOES NOT HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE. Where people whose stuff you admire — whose stuff made you write your stuff — say nice things about your books?! No-effing-way!


I’m at Blue Heaven, and I finished up The Haunted (my next erotic title) yesterday. 58,000 words in 28 days, my friends. I was a writing MACHINE. Now I’m back to editing my new book, for a little break, before I go back into The Haunted at the end of this week.

Getting so much work done, surrounded by such cool people, and the weather’s lovely — this week’s been amazing!