March 25th, 2014

crossed heart

Mary Mary Quite Contrary –

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Turned in Bloodshifted’s pageproofs just now! Feeling a bit moody about it, honestly. I know I have more stories in that world but it feels done for now, and I’m going to miss it quite a bit.

I’ve also decided to postpone my choose-your-own-adventure erotica novel (The House) release until 6/1. Because…I have a whole other book (The Haunted — temporary title) I want to write very quickly between now and then release immediately afterwards, on 7/1. Which is going to be great for people who like that sort of thing, but more labor intensive for me than just doing novellas or a serial would have been. I didn’t want to get that hamster-wheel feeling about deadlines again, even though switching to days next week is opening my schedule up. I like the idea of giving myself a two month buffer — so I needed to push things back for breathing room.

But you did read the dayshift part right! I had my final nightshifts this past weekend. And now I get to figure out this whole sunlight thing and how badly the dayshift crew is going to (most likely unintentionally) haze me once I get there. I’m excited though, I’m ready to have a normal well-lit life ;).

It’s raining here, which is great for my yard — I haven’t mentioned recently how much I love having a garden, but I do. Not everything was blooming by the time we moved in last year, and so as spring’s gone on, I’ve been excited to see what comes up — and right now, it’s coming up roses ;).

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