March 17th, 2014

crossed heart

ants in the pants

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I know I’ve been quiet (again!) but things here are progressing as fast as they can, all things considered. Had a great time at Fogcon recently, and then have been slammed by unending work — which is actually going to get a lot rougher this week, we’ve got a ton of majors in and no where near enough staff to cover all shifts. It’s looking like I’m going to be doing 10-12 hour days — er, nights — for the rest of the week, but then — THEN!!!! — I’m officially off of nights and going onto days!

I have the last week in March off to get caught up on personal things (laundry, bathing (I kid, but only barely)) and to write a freaking ton before relatives drop in on the 1st of April.

I’m planning on doing a short story to reward current mailing list subscribers and as a way to lure new ones in (muhahaha — so if you’re not signed up, hop onto my website and do so! ;)) and then I need to crank out another novella in the world of The House (my erotica choose your own adventure that’ll be coming out in May!) and then I want to edit my current book sooooo badly.

But first, this week of overtime and sleep deprivation. I’m almost looking forward to it, since it’ll be my last one :D.