February 3rd, 2014

crossed heart

radio silence due to utter concentration

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There’s this line of thinking that you gotta spend an hour promoting yourself every day, that you have to make 5 facebook posts a day, or whatever-the-fuck people think that you need to be doing to get your Name out there to Make It Big.

I don’t believe in any of that. I know that all I can control — and all I can do — is write the next book.

I feel really bad about not being more chirpy on here lately, but I have got my teeth into this book now and I cannot let it go. I’ve set a goal of finishing it this month, and I mean to do it, hell or high water. I’m definitely switching to a dayshift position at work, although possibly not for another few months due to scheduling issues (grrrr) so basically my time is still at a premium.

If I want to do this somewhat-crazy thing, I have to spend all my free-time working on it for the next 25 days — which is why I may not be chatting on here again until March 1st ;). See you then, or sooner, if I wind up needing a break.