January 1st, 2014

crossed heart

Looking back, looking forward –

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You may or may not have heard about how Deadshifted came out yesterday — so just in case that somehow skipped your mind, it did!!!!!

But back to the theme of the new year ;)

Last year I wrote 180k of fiction — two 70k novels, 20 on a shelved project, and 25k on my new YA.

That’s either 500 words of fiction a day all year, or 1k on every day that I wasn’t at work (since I still have a part time job, y’know.) I know I’m a little bit of a binge writer, so that all of that wasn’t incredibly well-paced, but I’m pleased with how it all turned out!

WAIT A SECOND. I forgot to count a whole other side-project and a short-story! *facepalm*. Okay, toss 20k more words in there. I’m super awesome :P.

Ha. Anyhow. What’s in store for this year? Finishing up my YA. I’m on a novel-in-90-days group with some friends, so that should get done :D. And then it depends on what happens with the book that my agent/editor are looking at right now. Either world domination, or kickstarter-time, depending ;).

I’m okay with all of that though. I’ve really reclaimed a lot of writing joy this past Fall/Winter and it’s been just really nice.

Other, global stuff:

We bought a house. Home ownership is rad. Even the cat approves:

you can tell she likes it from the way her eyes glow

you can tell she likes it from the way her eyes glow

That’s the reading nook in our office, with some of our books and the solar system from our wedding on display :D

As much as I miss my old hometown, it’s so freaking lovely to have our own space now, I can’t even describe it. And Oakland’s been treating us well. Luckily we had some friends here dropping into all of this, and the weather’s been gorgeous and the food’s great — I honestly don’t have a single complaint. I love it here too. I just wish my old friends were closer is all :P

Work stuff:

I feel like this past year I’ve really come into my own as a nurse. It’s odd, I used to identify with each round of new kids that came in. This past year, I’ve finally felt like part of the old guard, heh. Only took five years! But I think I generally do a really good job at work, which is nice, seeing as the first 1-3 years of being a nurse were all, “OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG,” all the time. I now know what I don’t know, which is a pretty important skill to have, heh.

Physical stuff:

My back’s pretty good. My shoulder goes in and out, depending on our patient load at work. I’ve fallen off the exercise train the past few months, but I have good intentions about getting back on this upcoming year. My husband and I are getting fitbits because they look like fun, so if anyone else has one and wants to be fitbit buddies or whatever the heck that is once we get ‘em and get online, I’d be down for that :D. (I really just want to know how far I walk on a busy shift, heh!)

Anyhow :D — I have some dishes to do from last night’s party, and then I’m gonna nerd it up, and then stay up till 2-3 writing. My favorite kind of day :D