December 20th, 2013

crossed heart

wishing you infectious joy this holiday season

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….was the catch-phrase from a note from Infection Control in our break room a few years ago. Is every hospital’s infection control department is as cheesy as ours? ;)

I’m at my folks for a few days here since I work over Christmas itself. But the holidays are going well — I find it amusing that my parents and my cousin have the same Christmas tree style, ornaments on the top third only, due to a new kitten and small children respectively.

Usually I get depressed around this time of year for several long standing good reasons, but things seem to be holding well so far. It’s nice to have some time off from work and be on daylight hours and have the weather be so nice, even if it’s freezing. Plus I’ve got a long stretch off over New Years to look forward to :D.

I’ve been working hard on my new project. I reached that stage where I realized what it was really about and then had to go back to the beginning and make it actually be about that. Then there were several days of angst where I was making sure that it was realllllly about what I thought it was — and then last night where I screwed my courage up and fixed the first ten k. Ten more k to go and then I’ll be writing new stuff again :D.

I’ll probably be pretty quiet here over the next week. I know with Deadshifted’s release I should be banging a drum, but I’m pretty sure all of you all will be celebrating holiday things anyhow. Don’t worry, I’ll come back strong after Christmas :D.