December 13th, 2013

crossed heart

the tipping point —

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I’m to that point in this new project where I realize what it is exactly that I want to do with it…and how much work that means I have to do on it. I’m undaunted, because I know I’ve done this before, but man would my life be easier if I wrote perfect first drafts ;).

I’m up to 20k now in it though, and that feels awesome :D.

Deadshifted is still coming out! Ha. I think it’s because the seasons haven’t really changed here yet in California — our seasons being dry and rainy, and it hasn’t rained yet — I keep forgetting that it’s Dec, and that 12/31 and the new year is nearly upon us.

My work schedule for the next two weeks is very jumbled, and I’m fitting a trip to see my folks in, so I’m still in and out, prioritizing writing when I can over pretty much everything else, including (as it seems) posting here. I’m still hustling though! :D