November 25th, 2013

crossed heart

Bloodshifted’s cover, and a Deadshifted giveaway!

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Okay, so since the cover to Bloodshifted and the back-of-the-book blurb is a HUGE spoiler for events at the end of Deadshifted, I’m not going to straight up post it here — I’m going to link to it so that you have to make a conscious choice to hop through and look at it on Goodreads — Bloodshifted on Goodreads. But, while you’re there (and to incentivize you to click ;)) — I’m also giving away an advanced reader copy of Deadshifted on Goodreads. I’m just saying if you go over there, and you don’t like massive spoilers, do it while peeking through your fingers ;).

In other news, life is good. I’m cranking away on a new project, should hit 10k in it today, and trying to get myself into a promotional hustle for Deadshifted. I believe completely in all of my books, but somedays the whole “talk about it and write guest posts and sound witty on twitter and visiting FB” really becomes a slog, especially when my brain is biting into something new. I would so much rather always be writing than hustling, and yet part of being an author nowadays is the hustle.

My folks visited this past week and we did an early Thanksgiving, since I have to work the day of. I’m really glad we did that, not having to do Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving will be really nice. And we’re alllllmost all the way unpacked, except for an unfortunate discrepancy between the # of bookshelves we’ve purchased vs the # of books we have. We’re going to do a Great Culling and then after that see where we stand.

I hope y’all love the cover, those of you who look, and definitely sign up to win an ARC! :D