November 9th, 2013

crossed heart

Bloodshifted edits turned in — and I’ll be in SF tomorrow! (er, today)

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I turned in edits on Bloodshifted early today! (Which is now most of everyone’s yesterday, granted. ;))

Things I did to celebrate, in order:

Read the Shining – which I had never done. Loved it. I want to reread Shirley Jackson’s the Haunting of Hill House next.

Watched six episodes of Inkmaster. I don’t know why, but I find Inkmaster even more compelling than Project Runway. Also I hella want an arm sleeve now. (Please to not be reading this mom and dad ;)). I haven’t gotten to the end so no one ruin it for me.

And wrote 500 words on a new project TBA. I’m giving myself free rein until the end of the year to write whatever I want to write…and I’m really excited about writing it. It’s the type of soap-bubble idea I don’t want to over think though, so while I may post progress here, I’ll probably stay pretty mum, sorry.

I’m going to be at Borderlands Bookstore in SF tomorrow (today!) at 3 PM (on the 9th, to be clear, it just feels like tomorrow to me because I haven’t slept yet :P) with Malinda Lo and Tim Pratt and we’ll be talking about things and stuff ;).

And then tomorrow night, it’s back to work, just like always, it seems. That’s OK though, I miss it ;)