October 21st, 2013

crossed heart

hello again world!

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Finally unpacked enough that I feel like I can breathe. I know, it’s silly, but we’ve been so busy cleaning, painting, moving, going to Ikea, going to Ikea again, goddamn we forgot something really we have to go there one more time are you kidding me-Ikea, and working, so much working, plus relatives visiting — it’s just been a long month.

I’ve been writing on and off though this whole time and am 50k into a lark project that I really want to get done quickly. 25k of that was done during the course of one weekend long writing retreat, in which I did 9500 words in a day, a feat I’ve never managed before.

Work’s been overzealously worky — and honestly, I’ve needed the overtime $$$ to order furniture and to fund our home-sized Ikea-as-art-installation (she says, tongue in cheek.) so it’s been hard to say no when they call. It’s not like our work to be so busy that you can make this much overtime, plus they really have needed us, I feel guilty rolling in for my plain 8 hr shift when the shifts before and after mine are getting steamrolled. It’s a little selfish too — the more work you can get done on a prior shift, the more likely your actual shift is to be chill ;).

Anyhow — I’m alive! And writing! And my new place has an awesome view (still. I know I’ve mentioned it before, I’m just so thrilled :D) and I feel like I can finally resurface and get some work-writing-life-balance going on :D