August 21st, 2013

crossed heart

movin’ right along!

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Footloose and fancy free! ;)

House stuff is progressing! Our realtor does an escrow-closing party for all of her clients and ours was last night, and my husband’s local coworkers arrived in force, I think his whole office was there, ha! And some of our friends from back home made it up too :D :D :D. It was lovely to see everyone and to get to give everyone a tour :D.

The electrician starts in on Thurs, and then sometime soon after that we can move in! It doesn’t feel real yet, but tonight was a really good start :D.

Another thing that helped was that two weekends ago my in-laws had their 50th anniversary party, and we got to talk to my husband’s cousins who live near our new place, and some other family friends who’re our age who just moved there from SF and who love it. While starting over is scary still, I know things are going to turn out just fine.

And I’m so excited — as I sit here in the dark at my in-laws, trying to be all quiet so I don’t wake anyone up while staying on my night shift schedule — it’s so nice to think that my days of doing this are numbered. Soon I’ll have…AN OFFICE. With…A LIGHT! And access to a kitchen!!! And I can even walk around and take my laptop into A LIVING ROOM! So much freedom! And the ability to make snacks! The mind boggles, truly, it does :D.

More later, but probably not for a week or two! :D