August 6th, 2013

crossed heart

taking a little time off

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We’re signing on house stuff next week! Holy cow!

Things were going so slowly, until they weren’t anymore, ha. Now it feels like I can pack without fear of jinxing the process…and there is sooooo much packing to do.

I’ve been super stressed lately what with OMG deadlines (personal and professional), my sleep schedule being more jacked than ever (what with house inspections and driving and schedule-flip-flopping from daytime stuff to nightshift with just naps in between) and work has been so worky, y’all –

I’m just gonna call the rest of this month off, writing-wise. I need to not beat myself up about things when I have so much other stuff to do. I need a short window where it’s all about getting everything else done with out any of the self-flagellation that comes with knowing I’m not writing :P.

I am hoping this is one of those things where I tell myself not to do it and suddenly it becomes the shiniest thing every that I cannot resist doing, because that is always fun. But it’s okay if it’s not — these past few weeks have been an emotional wringer on the house-front, with all the negotiating and the frankly gasp-inducing amounts of money involved, and the whole, “I’m leaving my one true hoooooome,” drama that I’m going through on the inside. (Such as right now’s: Will this be the last time I ever type at this coffee shop patio? Perhaps! Oh god. *cue panic attack*) Then there’s the fact that I’m the only person home during the week, so the bulk of packing duties fall squarely on me.

I’m overwhelmed, even if most of the reasons for it are good. I just need to take a clean break and not feel guilty. So if I’m not back until September, that’s why.

In the meantime, if anyone has any documentaries to recommend I watch while I pack things up, I’m all ears! :D