July 15th, 2013

crossed heart

I’m Alive! (And an awesome Shapeshifted review :D)

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Done with my stretch of five (six on in seven days, if you counted my class). I only wanted to start dying near the end, so that was good. There’s no way I could do full time nursing, especially not nightshift nursing, I’d spend the whole time crying from exhaustion. Being at work itself isn’t so bad, but I had to spend an extra hour asleep each day on to recover from the prior shift, so eventually I’d just be some sort of slug who works then slugs home to be comatose in between shifts.

While I was on, I got a really sweet Shapeshifted review from Parajunkie that I wanted to highlight. It’s too nice to talk about really without feeling aw shucks awkward, but it is good, so go read and enter to win a copy yourself :D.

And I wrote up an article for Paranormal Haven about Why Didn’t I Think Of That, wherein I wished I came up with the entire book The Stars My Destination ;).

I’ve got this whole next week off — we were supposed to be going to Comic-con, but took it off to house shop instead — so I’m going to be writing hard, when I’m not house shopping. I’ll pop in and out here though to let you know what I’m working on! :D