July 7th, 2013

crossed heart

Bloodshifted turned in! (and also, how you know you have a writing addiction)

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Finished Bloodshifted’s final draft just now and sent it off. I know no one’s going to be looking at it on Sunday, but the moral superiority I gain (over who, or what? I don’t know) by turning it in a week early is too great to be denied.

This book has been a total rollercoaster. There was a whole month where I thought that I hated it, but I pushed through, and wound up writing something I’m very proud of in the end. I did the first draft on it so quickly…that part felt like I’d leveled up. But it left so many holes in the plot as to motivation and character, it was all action-action-action, and back filling everything — and doing a good job of it — felt like I was getting teeth pulled.

But as things began to come together, and my super actiony plot became more actually believable, I got really excited about things, and I’m super pleased to’ve sent it off tonight :D.

Now, how you know you have a writing addiction…well, I went out shopping for fancy office supplies to outline a new project this week, before I was even all the way done with Bloodshifted yet. Don’t want to give up the high, apparently. Actually, I’m working six outta seven days this week (one’s a daytime class day, which means my schedule is even more balls than usual) and I hope to have some downtime (assuming my workload isn’t insane, which it has been recently, this is sort of a pipedream) to try out a new index card outline method because I’m a little touched in the head and want to keep rolling.

I’m pretty exhausted, and I’d love to take some time off — and I am tomorrow, except we’re house shopping again :P — but there’s no way off the hamster wheel just yet, especially if I want to get in a side project or two. (Or three. Don’t even ask me about the third. Maybe if I started writing it in my sleep?)

Things are good right now though, and maybe we’ll get lucky tomorrow, and if not I can console myself with the scent of freshly opened index cards all next week ;).