June 23rd, 2013

crossed heart

SF in SF last night and other things

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SF in SF last night was a blast! Here’s a picture of me with Edie:

SFinSFbecause when I read I always try to match the color of my book covers (not true.) I read with the awesome Cliff Winnig and Heather McDougal and it was super fun :D

In other news, my husband and I got to go house shopping today, and looked at places that were actually fun and affordable-ish. (Like cute mill stones. Very very cute mill stones.) Only one of them looked like it could be used for a horror movie location, which was nice! (My husband called it the House of Leaves house. It had these tunnels without windows that went to nowhere. Very creepy.)

Annnnnd (since I’m overly honest on here and since it’s late on a Sunday night when no one reads the internet, amirite?) I made an appt to go back to my therapist this week. I’ve been unconscionably anxious for the past two weeks — ever since Shapeshifted came out, really. I’m ready for that to be through. I keep assuming if I make it one more day the next one will be better, but it’s not, and honestly my brain needs to just cut that shit out. Hopefully she’ll be able to set me on the straight and narrow again. (Or preferably the wide well-lit sidewalk of sanity.)

So that’s where things are at right now. My head’ll probably be in the sand here for the next week, I’m super heavily scheduled at work (which is way good for my brain actually) and I’ll be working on finishing up this edit of Bloodshifted in my spare time — although I do want to publish an intro to Deadshifted sometime tomorrow, so if you’ve read this far and you’re into it, stay tuned ;).