June 21st, 2013

crossed heart

Work and Silent Hill

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Not me! Although as a nurse I feel like I have a right to get to cosplay one of the SH nurses — nay, an imperative! — at some future date in time. It’s just a given.

No, the Silent Hill thing about last night was my patient. (Could also be my facility. Which I’m generally proud of. But they can stop doing creepy construction on it Any Time Now because we’re one motorcycle gang away from being post-apocalyptic in front of the lobby right now.)

Last night at work I had to shower someone, and when you’re doing that it’s almost impossible not to shower with them honestly, so I was in a small room with waders on (and a mask, hair net, face shield, double gloves, plastic smock with a plastic apron on over it) with someone screaming profanity at the top of their lungs and blood and pus and running down everywhere.

Good times.

No really, good times. Sometimes I question why I like my job so much, but in some weirdass way things like that are why. It’s never easy. But who else gets to wrestle with monsters and use science and personal persuasion to win?

At the very least, it makes for an interesting shift.