June 20th, 2013

crossed heart

Heroes and Heartbreakers and USA Today

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Shapeshifted got mentioned on USA today! And I did a post a few days back on putting the Normal into Paranormal over at Heroes and Heartbreakers in which I geek out about weird things that interest me. (Easiest guest blog to write by a landslide! I hope I get more “Please, tell us about your esoteric medical interests,” offers in the near future. ;))

I’m on Bloodshifted’s third total draft now. It’s a lot cleaner and it’s coming together nicely, I just am in that good-enough versus done-right stage — it’s definitely a book now, I’m just trying to turn it into a great one.

And I turned Deadshifted’s copyedits in, which scares the crap outta me. It’s a huge plot turn for Edie, and it’s a little dangerous for me — but I hope you all like it when you get to see it this upcoming winter!

In random news, we haven’t gone house hunting yet, we were all primed to this past weekend when my husband hurt his back. *Shakes fist at sky.* This upcoming weekend though, there’s hope. Keep your fingers crossed for us that we can find something affordable and also non-murdery ;).