June 7th, 2013

crossed heart

sombody hit the pause button, please!

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Here are some chirpy awesome reviews for Shapeshifted, before I get into my “OMG” explanationtime ;)

RT Magazine gave Shapeshifted 4 stars! And said: “Alexander’s series third takes her noir urban fantasy to a new level with more gritty action, light romance and wicked humor. Quick pacing, a well-plotted storyline and realistic characters will hook you. The end result is a lively and addictive story that leaves you wanting more.” WHICH IS ROCKSTAR.

Fangs for the Fantasy looooved Shapeshifted :D :D :D

And I did a delightful google hang out chat with Kat over at the the Book Tart!  And then she reviewed the book awesomely :D

And Carmel at Rabid Reads loved Shapeshifted too! :D

And Kristin at My Bookish Ways loooved Shapeshifted as well!:D

Okay, there’s more, but I can only coordinate so much with the ambien dragging me down. I’m on for the next 3 nights at work, then i’m going straight from worm to Vegas for two days to see my gadabout brother, and then I’m coming straight back to work that night. I hear tell that by the time I wake up today Deadshifted page proofs will be on my door, and I still have 80% of Bloodshifted left to edit up to my satisfaction, and I’d really like everything to get done in this one well traveled and hard working month. You know, the usual,  my wife to murder and Guilder to frame for it; I’m swamped. (;))

So if I fall into a blog-hole for a week or two here that’s why. Don’t worry, I’ll reemerged lightened of several deadlines on the other side :D.