June 6th, 2013

crossed heart

Santa Muerte and some Shapeshifted reviews :D

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santa muerte

There should be the Flight of the Bumble Bee playing as I type this, since I just took an Ambien to flip back to nightshift tonight — but before it hits, I really wanted to show you all this fantastic Santa Muerte portrait that I got recently. (There’s still a box on the corners because I knew we were going to move soon, so I didn’t want to take them off — she’s definitely coming with me to a prime spot on our new walls, wherever they may be.)

Santa Muerte plays a big role in Shapeshifted, and I’ve been in love with her iconography ever since I heard about her. The Catholic Church came out against her worship recently and I can see their point, that people who’re praying to her aren’t spending time and money inside of Catholic churchs — but I can see how people who feel disenfranchised from the people running the faith and whose socioeconomic situations don’t seem to meaningfully change might want to take the risk of praying to someone else just in case they’re listening too and could change things — and who better, and possibly more kind, to pray to than Saint Death incarnate? Angels and Saints don’t visit everyone, but Death certainly does, especially when you live in an area where gang violence is rampant.

The first time I heard about her I knew I needed to write her. And the image of a nurse fighting with an incarnation of death — because it’s so often what we actually do at our jobs — was too grand to pass up. I hope I’ve done right by her. She’s a glamorous skinny lady, I wouldn’t want her on my bad side.

Let me also share some reviews Shapeshifted has gotten! In no particular order, other than I’m going to stop when the ambien starts moving the letters around on me ;)

Angie over at Angie-ville loves it. I don’t know what charmed google alert led me to sending her review copies long ago, but I’m so glad they did.

My friends at Under the Covers let me do an interview where I told them the four weirdest things I’ve been asked at work -- and they’re running an international giveaway for a signed copy of Shapeshifted now!  They also reviewed Shapeshifted and loved it :D

I did a fun release day interview with Evie at Bookish, and she’s also got a set of signed books up for grabs!

And Maja at the Nocturnal Library loved Shapeshifted! (Which was nice for me, because she didn’t love Moonshifted so much — I’m sooooo glad she liked Shapeshifted, sooooo glad!)

And Kara-Karina at Nocturnal Book Reviews loved Shapeshifted in English and in Greek! (Someday! I hope! *shakes fist at the publishing sky*)

This is only about half of what I’ve got! But the words are swimming and my typing is getting worse — so more reviews and chirpyness in a few hours when I get up! :D