May 14th, 2013

crossed heart

ten gallons of awesome in a two gallon bucket –

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So I’ve been working very hard on Bloodshifted recently, but I didn’t have much forward progress to show for it until just now on break tonight. I finalllllly figured out how to make this one scene work, and I feel like it’s going to be the scene that unlocks the headlong slide into the ending of this book, hooray!

I know I need the days where I sit around and think and write down blind alleys and delete a bunch of stuff, but it’s so hard not to get demoralized, even when I know that failing (for me) is it’s own kind forward progress.

So relieved now that things are shaking out! And I can’t wait to work on it tomorrow once I get up and crank away!!!

I think this draft of the book is going to come in a hair under 70k, but that’s fine, because I reread it all a few nights ago, and I need to go back and put in a lot of anchoring beats — I know what the emotional significance is of all the Action! Action! Action! but I need to breadcrumb it out much more clearly for the reader, which is going to add words to almost every scene.

Still, if I can use this week off (after I finish tonight at work, and while traveling around a ton locally, more on that on another post when I have more time!) to get down the tent pegs for the ending, I will be in such good shape for editing this book for June, which is awesome because I’m travelling again (don’t ask, oy) and I really need to clear the decks for A) moving and B) this other completely awesome project that demands to be written ;).

Excited yayness and more soon about where in the world Cassie will be this upcoming/week/end! ;)