May 6th, 2013

crossed heart

Happy Nurses Day

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People more Hallmark attuned than I have informed me that today was nurses day!

There were muffins at work last night, however I considered those bribes from administration for going live with our frustratingly complicated electronic charting system this weekend, not holiday related.

I cannot begin to express how worky work has been for the past four nights. Between critical patients, crazy patients, and actually doing this new charting thing, OMG. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a luddite, I love tech. But you know how you don’t know how to use things until you use them? Yeah. There were a lot of little important things that people ought to have told us or made bigger deals of at the time. Like how even when the charting system magically imports monitor data that you have to file it, that it’s not automatic — even though you can see it on your screen. Which one assumes would be the effing point of it importing? But no. There was a lot of scrambling last night as we discovered that all the data from the prior night wasn’t actually going to be saved — it was just there, waiting to be ‘filed’, but actually going to be deleted if we didn’t save it, hour column by hour column. Good thing we realized our mistake before the day of pending data time was up!

Multiple that times five or so, toss in a few huge dressing changes, and needing to call security on an agitated patient, and yeeeeeehaw.

Muffins were not enough recompense. (And I’m still not entirely sure that they weren’t bribes. In which case I expect moar muffins when I go back to work tomorrow night as nursing day tribute, heh.)

It was good to get back into the flow of things though. I’d had almost two weeks off, between classes and Blue Heaven, and it was all too easy to get wrapped up in writing Career navel-gazery. (It’s a career when it’s real, it’s a Career when I stress out uselessly over things I can’t actually control because I’m a control freak.) Realizing that all of my problems are legit first world problems is a great reality check that work always provides.

I’m going to take a nap and then try to regroup and make some progress on Bloodshifted tonight. I left off at 50k, and with this upcoming move it has priority, so hopefully I can get back into the flow of it tonight, and then stay strong on it the rest of this week :D.