April 27th, 2013

crossed heart

Blue Heaven wrap up – 45k in Bloodshifted and more

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So I faded off the face of the earth there because I was too busy writing my ass off. I hit 45 k in Bloodshifted, and am feeling really awesome about it — I think I pretty much know what happens between now and the end of the book, which is, for me, flipping insane.

I had some travel issues on the way home — my first flight was significantly delayed, and my rebook involves this thrilling two hour layover in Phoenix I’m doing right now — but the bummer of that was that they rebooked all my awesome “i’m'n’a nerd in my corner” window seats into middle seats. Nevertheless, I reread all of Save the Cat and totally wrote myself a huge outline for Project I typing onto my phone screen, which I felt pretty confident my seatmates couldn’t see :P. (I just feel awkward writing where people can see over my shoulders.)

And that’s something I wouldn’t have done if I hadn’t spent so much of Blue Heaven talking about structure with other people, which is cool. I looped Daniel in really early in Bloodshifted this time too, after my first ten k, to try and head my tendency to plot off into-the-weeds and I think it’s working out *awesomely*. So if I can turn myself into an outline girl, and write faster, and pull out less hair then that would be amazing. (And if you’re a writer and you haven’t checked out Save the Cat, you really should, it’s rad. I read it first two years ago, and rereading it just now I got so much more out of it.)

I got really good chances to hang with almost everyone one on one this year, at different times, and hot tubbing, late night hanging, and watching Cabin in the Woods and really good food and it was so nice to be in super-writer-mode all the time, talking business and shooting shit. I really miss everyone — my flight was the first one off this AM so I had to drive to the airport alone and I was pretty blue. (I coulda driven with someone else if I’d known how late my flight was gonna be :P ;)).

But I also miss my husband and my cat — and I feel pretty awesome about what I got done, and I’ve got a really firm handle on things going forward, I’m really excited about all the things that are coming up next, even as that means juggling three projects. I think I’m taking tomorrow off of everything, I just want to chill out and stressfree hang, but since it’s hard to relax at the airport I might as well keep working now ;).

So back to it for a little bit longer, and then home homeity home!