April 23rd, 2013

crossed heart

Blue Heaven – Tues – 35k! :D

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Yesterday there was no thrilling update, because yesterday was more of a hang-and-talk-biz day. I wrote a k, then I realized, whoa whoa whoa there’s no motivation here, so I backed up, and then rewrote it, and pondered, and sent a chunk to Daniel….and then went to sleep and realized I knew what I needed to do next and texted myself a badly spelled 400 word To Do in Bloodshifted note.

Which paid off in spades today — I wrote 5000 words and hit 35k! :D

I knew some more stuff about what was going on next, but 5k’s a pretty high word count for me, and I’ve still got a few days to go here, I didn’t want to burn out.

But here’s to tomorrow (or today, depending on your timezone ;)) being another 5k day! :D