April 21st, 2013

crossed heart

Blue Heaven – Sunday!

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Today was so awesome! I got up, did marketing stuff (so I wouldn’t be thinking about it anymore) for 1.5 hrs, wrote 1000 words on Bloodshifted, did yoga, wrote 1000 more words on Bloodshifted, went for a walk outside, hung out with people and went out to eat, and then wrote 500 more words on Bloodshifted, and some more marketing stuff, and a synopsis for what will now be mysteriously titled Project I. (Pronounced Project IIIIIIIIIiiiiii–echo–iiiiiiiiiiiiii.)

It’s gorgeous here. We’re in a 9000 square foot house which is freaking insane, it’s three floors and everyone has master bathrooms and I have a gas fireplace in my room, and a balcony to see the outside (which was lovely for doing yoga :D).

Getting here was a little long — I took a redeye from SF and then wanted to stay up for the rest of the day so that I could be on EST, which meant being up for about 25 hours straight, but it thankfully worked. (Until i blow it with the hyper tonight. Ah well, at least I’m being super useful!)

Anyhow, I hope this awesome trend of usefulness continues — and it’s so so so fun to be here and hang out with a ton of writing friends :D.