April 18th, 2013

crossed heart

25k into Bloodshifted! & Packing for Blue Heaven :D

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Since the 25k into Bloodshifted talks for itself, let me talk about packing :D.

I’m going to Blue Heaven on a red-eye flat tomorrow night!!!! So excited!!!!

Blue Heaven is a writing retreat with a bunch of friends that I feel completely honored to get to go to, I love it so much. We’re all staying in this huge house on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and it’ll be all writing, all the time!

I’ve learned over the years that I don’t need all that much clothing, since there’s washers and dryers there — it’s everything else that I bring that matters. It’s a bit like provisioning to go on the Oregon Trail (by which I mean the game, minus the dysentery ;)). I’m taking a car charger for my cell phone, my snuggie (mock me, but blankets can be nice), slippers, all the pajama bottoms in the world, my pillow…and all the electronics I own, ha. If I could safely wedge my cat in there, I would ;).

Okay, now, back to Bloodshifted — I know, it seems like I should be farther. I feel like that, at least. But I had to seriously pause for a day and work out a major plot problem, and then I wrote a ton but it was out of order and had to be reordered.

I like posting word counts because it is the easiest metric for progress, but then I get overly concerned about Progress — when in reality as long as I know I’m doing what needs doing, I’m okay.

I think I’m set up well for this coming week, but I’m sure it’ll have a lot of zigs and zags in it, just like all of my writing does, ha.