April 4th, 2013

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Viva Las Vegas, with pictures!

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So this past weekend I went to Viva Las Vegas with a ton of friends and we all had a great time — and for once I’m actually posting photos of things after I promise to! ;)

We went out to see Absinthe on Thurs night at Caesar’s Palace — and it turned out that it was their 1000th show! So when the show was over they had a surprise zombie party with all the actors from the show, and made everyone get up and dance. And then they took the chairs we were sitting on away and announced that it was a surprise party for everyone who’d come, with dancing and free drinks and desserts and a zombie party with professional make up for people who wanted to get zombified! That’s me below, with the zombified Miss Atomic Age, hence her hair piece ;).

Miss Atomic Age and Cassie

And my husband as a zombie (for when later in life he runs for important offices ;))

zombie husband

Then the next day we went bowling and watched a burlesque show that night.(It occurs to me now that that shirt is why some of my laundry is now pink. Ut oh.)

Saturday was the car show and all of these shops and music all day long — I took some pix of some other cute girls rocking it, because they all have way much better hair than me ;) — rockabilly ladies

And I found my imaginary future car:


And I got my picture taken next to someone who had to be near heatstroke, because OMG was it hot out ;) –

cassie at the car show

And while I didn’t win in the tattoo competition (and I’m still debating on posting those pics, and will probably err on the side of reasonable caution, though trust me I have a 30 hr back piece underneath that dress ;)) — here’s the tattoo that did win, in the unique category! :D

creature from the black lagoon tattoo

It was kinda fun signing up for things because the people running it were seeing a lot of “and here’s my tattoooooo” from drunk people as the car show progressed. And when I walked up they were all, “Um, yeah….” ’cause I look normal, and then I unzipped the back of my dress and they were all, “You’re in!” :D.

We had a ton of fun, and next year we’ll have even more of what to do figured out.