April 2nd, 2013

crossed heart

Deadshifted’s cover!

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Okay, so I hear this isn’t quite final yet — but it’s final enough, since it’s already on Heroes and Heartbreakers ;) –

Deadshifted cover

And that explains why I’ve fallen off the face of the planet for the past two weeks almost ;) — I got Deadshifted edits in, turned them around in one week in an epic effort to be free and clear before I went on vacation, and then I actually went on vacation — and I came back yesterday and went into work last night.

Tired is not the word I’d use for myself right now. Zombie-like? Possibly ;). I’m doing a fit of housecleaning (that was completely postponed during the edits rush) and a ton of laundry, to get the smoke out of all of my clothes.

My goal for tonight is to try to pick up the thread in Bloodshifted — but I have an 8 AM class tomorrow to get back to sleep for, ugh. After that though, my life’ll even out and I’ll be able to get things done. I’m much more excited about working on Bloodshifted now that I see that Deadshifted has this amazing cover, ha! ;)

And pictures from Vegas soon, when I’m not dog-tired ;).