March 22nd, 2013

crossed heart

Deadshifted edits are here! :D

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It’s sort of like clockwork — I make plans to leave town each spring, and edits come in about thirty seconds after tickets become nonrefundable ;).

But! I just reread all of everything, and it’s not so bad! (Or rather, Moonshifted was worse. I hope that stays being my most edit-y book ever, so I never have to repeat that! :D)

There’s a few heavy lifting plot points I need to Consider (and which, if I’m honest, I knew were loosey-goosey turning in) but once I square those, even them out, and then make all the small changes, I’m in good stead. In a way, the small changes are the most painful, because I always feel like I should have spotted them to make for myself. Because sommmmmetimes I know I’m punting the big changes, like when there’s two plots but they’re running on differently sized gears and not quite matching — I need perspective and time and also she’s brilliant, so hey ;).

It’s gonna take a solid week of work to get everything done. I’m on for three (but I might have breaks? Maybe? If the nursing-gods smile?) but then I’m off for a whole week. Some of that is Passover, and some of that is Viva Las Vegas vacation, but I’m going to try as hard as I can :D.