March 18th, 2013

crossed heart

“Remember that time when…

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…you had to use the high chair version of the toilet for a month?” my husband asked me, on the topic of Should I Go Into Work Again With Back Pain. “And how I had to wait on you hand and foot for a week, and then your best friend did too because you were immobilized with pain? And the walker?”

“Um, yes,” I said, sullenly.

“Call in sick,” he said, and since he had the moral upper hand, I did tonight. After going in early last night to work a 12 hr shift because they were so short and needed help for an admit so badly.

What’s sucking at work now is that we’re short on staff and so we’re using a lot of float nurses. They don’t know where anything is at, they don’t look up when call lights ring, and they don’t know how to help out with other patients. Sometimes they don’t even know how to use our charting (which isn’t their fault, but makes the night longer, nonetheless.) It’s gotten so bad that pretty much we all learn their names and assignments so that we can say, “You, go do This in Your Room now.” I hate bossing people around — or rather, I hate the feeling that I have too — but there’s no other choice. And when they don’t help out with turns because we’re turning our critical patients (that we don’t give to them) what happens is the same three-to-four nurses wind up turning everyone heavy all night. (Unless someone leaves the room and calls them out by name and then has to deal with them not knowing how to turn someone with dressings on.)

Some of them are completely awesome and pitch in a lot — mostly the general float pool RNs because they’re used to coming to our unit — but some of the ones from other floors are just like permanently lost lambs. We give them easy assignments and make sure they get breaks and [then they sit there doing mandate homework headphones on ignoring call lights and I want to strangle them]…it’s just frustrating is all.

I hate leaving my floor tonight, but after three on, one off, three more on, and ice packs and drugs, my back needs a break. It sucks to not get to be super-strong nurse anymore, but that’s just the way it is now, I only get one back.

Annnnyhow — I should be writing right now. It’s been about a week since I’ve written anything and it’s so funny how fast I feel rusty at it, even though I know I’m not. Starting any time always feels like starting over for the first time. I know that, and yet :P.

If I reread everything I’ve got tonight, I’ll feel better moving on, for sure. And I’ve got about an hour worth of notes to transcribe off of my phone’s voice app, so maybe I’ll do that, too ;).