March 16th, 2013

crossed heart

what a difference a day makes

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Especially when that day has flexeril in it.

This morning I wanted to cry, my back hurt so badly. But then I found my old prescription of flexeril in my medicine box (please remember that this blog contains no actual medical advice! Do not use old meds, lalala…) and took some, and I feel so so so much better now. I have three more nights at work, but hopefully I’ll be able to stave things off. I might just take one every morning when I get home just in case.

It’s rough because there’s nothing you can do about the level of lifting we have to do at work. Even when patients are helpful, there’s just no good way to shove a bedpan under someone. And everyone at work right now is really big and unable to help in large degree, what with all their being completely sedated, and/or hurting, heh. But we’re all feeling it, it’s not just me, everyone’s walking around holding their back like cartoon grannies.

Ironically, my awesome stepdad (who is in his 60′s) is in town right now, and he just went on a 140 mile bike ride this morning, which puts my level of fitness and corresponding “my back hurts” whinging to shame. We just watched Cabin in the Woods and we’ll do breakfast together tomorrow morning before he drives back out of town :D

I’m behind on writing (what else is new) due to exhaustion, pre-visit cleaning, doing taxes, and desperately needing to sleep on break at work. But I got a good seven hours of sleep today (yay flexeril!) a record for this week, and feel pretty good. I may still need to lay down on break tonight (assuming I get one, because we’ve been so slammed) just to get off my feet but I’m feeling like I could have some extra brain cycles to think about things in, which makes me happy. I’ll get back on my feet here in a few days :D