March 5th, 2013

crossed heart

Dark, Deadly, and Divine!

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Hey y’all!

Been soooooo busy writing over here — so busy that I’m two episodes away from the end of season 3 of Downton Abbey and it’s killing me but I can’t let up-busy! — that I missed shouting this out on it’s launch day, but a day late’s not so bad! :D

A bunch of other cool paranormal romance and urban fantasy authors and I have gone in together on a group blog –


Where such fabulous authors as Angie Fox, Leigh Evans, Caris Roane, Darynda Jones, Donna Grant, A. C. Arthur and little ol’ me (’cause I feel significantly out classed! ;)) can share our news in one place :D

And to kick off we’re doing a huge contest – with an assortment of cool book prizes :D. You can also follow us on twitter or over on facebook!

More news when I get it, hopefully soon — and if you’re a Bay Area local, come say hi to me at FogCon this upcoming weekend! :D