February 28th, 2013

crossed heart

more writing & for the love of tomatoes

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I am the most boring author person ever. In a good way. All my interesting stuff is on the page now ;).

I’ve been writing a ton — Bloodshifted’s coming along well, and I just had a good call with my agent and editor today about refocusing a touch on the project/proposal thing I turned in two weeks ago, which I am super jazzed about doing and getting right. I have all day tomorrow off, so hopefully I’ll polish it up then and get to resend it in. Am also working on the next chunk in that sequence. Super tempted to try to finish it and send it in tooooooo…my brain’s burnt out tonight, but we’ll see. Tomorrow I may be feeling it. I’m 2k up and have a good start.

Other random stuff — had an appt with my stomach doctor earlier on in the week. The pills help keep the acid down, but I still can’t (or super shouldn’t) eat tomatoes or chocolate, or drink alcohol or coffee. If I do, it’s all bad, my stomach hurts for a whole day.

You have no idea how badly I miss tomatoes. Worse than I miss chocolate or coffee. I’m from Texas. Half my life is drenched in salsa.

Look away now if weight stuff triggers you. I gained about ten lbs last year, a good chunk of that after my back injury laid me up and I couldn’t walk without a walker, and then the next chunk after I messed up my shoulder. (We won’t even talk about my endocrinologist messing with my thyroid meds because I hate him.) So my GI doctor’s telling me I’ll just have to keep on keeping on with the pills, maybe my whole life — and it would help if I could get off of the ambien too, since ambien can allow reflux to occur, only I can’t do that with my work schedule — believe me, I would if I could. And I don’t have to take it, when I’m living a normal life I don’t need it, it’s just that with the nightshift my schedule’s always jacked, and if I can’t drink coffee to stay up at work because it hurts me, I definitely need the ambien to make sure that I sleep, and, you know, not accidentally kill anyone from the tired. Annnyhow — I went out and bought new jeans over the course of the year as my body changed. The weight gain wasn’t a big deal. I go to the gym, I take my BP all the time, I know I’m healthy. I don’t care, and my husband doesn’t care…but after this latest doctor visit and realizing I might never get to eat a tomato again without my stomach hurting, I’m pretty much willing to do whatever it takes to fix myself — and the only other lifestyle change available to me at this point is weight loss. So, yeah. I’m gonna try to do that. Because a life without salsa is not a life worth living. (Okay, it is, but it’s late at night, I get some dramatic license. Also I really, epically, miss huevos rancheros. And they miss me. Every time I drive past my favorite Mexican restaurant, I can hear them calling my name.)

Aside from that though, life is boring-good, and I aim to keep it that way. Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow night to crow about a good word count :D.