February 20th, 2013

crossed heart

a new Moonshifted review

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I’ve got (notoriously buggy) google alerts set up, but even so, some reviews still slip through the cracks, or by the time I find out about them I feel silly about giving them a shout out, but not so this time!

Fangs for the Fantasy does a super thorough of Moonshifted.

I’m glad to say that some of their concerns about GBLT and POC characters are solved in Shapeshifted! Hopefully done well! I tried my hardest, and I’ll definitely be open to commentary after Shapeshifted comes out.

(If I’ve missed a review you wanted me to see or link to, please let me know! When I’m offline for days at a time it’s hard to keep up.)

I really want to stay up and chat on tonight, but I’ve got to ambien out to schedule flip back for a daytime class tomorrow. More this weekend though, for sure! :D