February 19th, 2013

crossed heart

Shapeshifted snippet, a process interview, and a comic book class :D

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I’m still cruising on Bloodshifted (have almost hit the point where I can send a chunk to Daniel, so excited!) — but in the meantimmmmeeee –

There’s a snippet from Shapeshifted up now on The Book Tart blog! :D

And Catherine Schaff-Stump has been doing a series with assorted authors about their writing processes  — here’s mine.

And my husband spotted this on twitter — we’re both going to take it — it’s an online class about gender through comic books. Here’s Mark Waid explaining it, and then here’s the link for the class. It’s free, and it’s and an excuse to learn about comic books, it pretty much is guaranteed to be cool. Come sign up with me! :D