February 10th, 2013

crossed heart

a beginning is a very delicate time

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Q: Will I quote Princess Irulan every time I start a new book?

A: Yes. Always. Even if it’s just in my head. Every. Single. Time.

So my birthday was yesterday and it was epic. About a month ago I realized, while at breakfast with a bunch of friends, that my birthday was going to be on an actual weekend and (!) I was going to have it off. And then some friends offered to have it at their house, and asked if I wanted a theme, and my husband said, “Unicorns!” and I sort of gasped in a twelve year old excited way, and voila! Unicorns it was! Pictures forthcoming, but trust me, it was rad. Rainbow leggings and unicorn tattoos and multicolored drinks were had by all. I fear we will never be off the Oriental Trading Company’s mailing list ever again. It was worth it.

And between now and then I’ve written a thousand words on Bloodshifted. I have the first scene. It’s not perfect yet, and it won’t be for awhile, but it’s down. I can move a little on. I’m a happy ribosome. It’s funny how I feel rusty every time I start off — even though I’ve now done this fourteen times. Bloodshifted will be the fifteen book I’ve ever written — which makes me feel even older than having had a birthday, now that I think about it ;).

Everything old is new again. Even me ;).