February 4th, 2013

crossed heart

an exact rendition of today:

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9 PM last night — take Nyquil and Ambien. (No, it’s not a terribly good idea to take both. I’m an adult who sometimes makes poor choices that other people shouldn’t replicate. I just needed to both breathe and to sleep immediately after a weekend full of chest cold, during which I did not study at all for this class I was taking today.)

6 AM this morning — get up, get gas, get coffee, get hand sanitizer and kleenex, drive over the hill

7:30 AM — attend class. Feel really dumb about not knowing anything in class. Become zen about not knowing anything, and remember that I actually do like learning stuff, even if I will still most likely fail the exam. But that’s ok, even if I do, because I’ll still get CE’s and that’s the “real” reason I’m here.

11 AM — I’m not competitive at all. No, not me.  Plus I actually like this material. It’s useful and interesting and the instructors are really good. Damn, I wish I’d prepared some. Stupid me.

12 PM — have studied straight through lunch.

3 PM — skills test. First one, complete fall on myself no studying due to illness catastrophic embarrassment failure time.

4:45 PM — con instructor into letting me take another practice skill exam. Pass it well. (Not amazingly, but well.)

5:15 PM — consider changing dinner plans so as to go home and study so I can actually be certified in this class that I’m paying good money to take, and not just coast on the promise of 14 continuing education units. But miss hanging out with Daniel, and am tired of being house bound by illness….

6:30 PM — Daniel’s house! HAPPY BOOK TALKING TIME. MUCH TALKING. AND FOOD! Screw zen, screw class, screw everything but CEs, I LOVE BOOKS. I just want to lick writing’s face and love it forever.

9 PM — home again. Took Nyquil and Ambien (again, not advisable) and wrote this post, and am now going to sleep. Hopefully I’ll be up early enough to study some more tomorrow ;). (…and then get to write my butt off tomorrow night!!!)