February 1st, 2013

crossed heart


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Just when I was starting to feel smug about how amazingly healthy I’d been for months now, due to the large volume of hand sanitizer I’ve been using and an intolerance for anyone coughing around me, now, noooooow, I start to feel ill. Bleh.

I wrote a ton today, I’ve written a ton this week. But now I find myself on the fence for the weekend.

I don’t have much sick time available to me. I was pretty sick last year, up until my amazing Red Cross trip whereupon I started sanitizing me, myself, other people, inanimate objects, cats, etc, with those Clorox bathroom cleaning wipes. I kid, but only barely — by the end of my Red Cross time, I only stopped short of using them for tissues, and was wiping my hands and everything I touched with them first. I’m sure it sounds like overkill, but you had to be there treating sick people in close quarters to understand. I brought my paranoia home, and it’s served me well, up until tonight, when the tingling in the back of my sinuses switched from allergies? to oh-shit, cold.

And so now I’m debating. I don’t really want to call in sick to work — but I really don’t want to be the typhoid mary of the floor, either. We’ve had enough of that go around this year. (I’m not so worried about our patients, seeing as all my interactions with them are with gloves and masks on.) If I call in sick tomorrow night, I should just call out for the weekend. But I hate calling in sick on weekends because it looks like you’re out having fun, heh. Plus it’ll eat up all the sick time that I have, sigh.

I think the deciding factor is that I’ve got daytime classes scheduled for Mon and Tues that I can not miss. It was already going to suck to go from working nights Fri/Sat to getting my ass in at 7:30 in the morning on Monday. (Why are classes never offered more reasonably in the afternoons or nights, considering that most of the people who take them do not work regular hours? :P) If I work and get more sick, schedule flipping back to daylight is going to kill me, and being sick plus tired is a sure recipe to failing.

But I don’t wanna wipe out all my sick time. What if next month I get the flu? Or another limb gives out on me? Ugh. Ugh ugh.

Even though I could crawl into bed right now and be happy, I’ll spend another hour up chugging Throat Coat tea, in case I feel better in the morning and want to head in to work. Tomorrow we’ll see.